Chronicles Riddick Dark Athena Review – XBOX 360 & PS3

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Chronicles of Riddick Dark Athena:

Welcome Riddick fans. OldSkoolFool gives us the hands-on…

32 thoughts on “Chronicles Riddick Dark Athena Review – XBOX 360 & PS3

  1. You played the game? Seen the movies? You missed the bits when he blows out the energy wave from his body? Sure it's only done in the cut scenes but it shows another aspect of his power. Also saying the game has no connections to the movies is ridiculous when the connections are clear to see. The eye shine origin, Butcher Bay actually referenced in TCoR? The games are prequels, not "side storys"

  2. He seems to think that because it's in first person it needs to involve a hefty amount of shooting, ever played AvP? It worked there so what's the difference here?

  3. Your an asshole, get the fuck out of here with your bullshit critical comments.

    If you think you can do a better job then setup your own review channel and lets see how well you do. He brings up some verry good points about this game but yet you choose to be a complete asshole about it.

    Thanks for the review old skool fool, its much appreciated as always!

  4. There is no such thing as a proper reviewer. You have the right to disagree with someones opinion on a game, but dont be an ass about it.

  5. He's right. It's not a movie game. It's a game derived off of a movie storyline concept. Not just licensed trash however my rating stands.

  6. So, I guess you just want me to rate it 90% because you don't like Assasins Creed? Wow, I wonder what will sell better..Riddick or Assassins Creed?…:*!
    The game is aimed at cult fans, nothing new here. But you are entitled to your opinion.

  7. Hahaha. You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. 3rd person… pfff 😀 😀 😀

    And for the rest of you, this ISN'T a movie game.

  8. Shitty and too long review, critisicing on the points of the game that made the fanbase back in 2004.

    3th person view in riddick? thats a joke, Let a proper reviewer review it based on what the product is aimed for and tries to archieve, if you like sneaking around in 3th person, go get assasins creed

  9. Immersion is fine as that is what good video games are supposed to do. That's why it got the score it did however there was a ton of refining that could of been made to make it much better.

  10. No, actually they don't. They all are stories involving Riddick's life however the guys at development even say they have no difinitive connection. And he's not that powerful aside from his Vin-Dieselness and being able to see in the dark. A cool concept with a mediocre game.

  11. listen to me, from past experiences of buying movie games, they suck alot, don't plan on buying another movie game.

  12. The Bourne Identity PS3 game looks pretty damn good. Yeah most movie games do suck. 007 Quantum of Solice is really good too. I cannot think of another good movie video game.

  13. I know what your saying cause most of the time the movie games aren't good, but I played a little of Butcher Bay and liked it. This doesn't seem too different from the 1st game and you're getting 2 games in 1 so I would buy this, and I don't have the 1st game so it's a no brainer for me. I liked Pitch Black and even Chronicles of Riddick, but if they make another then I hope it turns out good.

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